Scribble and find it too: A great tool for anyone who has to scribble a lot.

Everyone needs to scrawl something many times a day. And the purpose of scrawling obviously is to find it when you want it later on. The problem is always with the finding part. Scrawl'nMine provides a means to scrawl and a powerful search option to go with it. When you scribble something, the software creates units, with each unit having a date of creation, date of editing and a user who has created/edited it. The user, the dates and words of the text with 'and' or 'or' can be used in a find to locate your scribbled note.

If you have two units, one having scribbles about an hdfc bank account details and another having details about hdfc credit card details, your search with 'hdfc', 'card' with an 'and', you will locate the second unit, the unit dealing with hdfc credit card. It is possible that you would have mentioned hdfc in 10 places in the memo that you have scribbled and a search for hdfc would bring out all 10. Finding the credit card part of the scribble from a conventional find will be an annoying task. And if you search with 'card', you will have found visiting card, data card, playing card, even a placard in addition to all the credit cards of hdfc bank, citi bank and Standard chartered bank. Locating your hdfc credit card from among the finds above, will be a time consuming and many times an unsuccessful attempt except for the most patient ones. And the chances are that you will scribble hdfc credit card notes once again assuming that it is not present in your earlier scribble making your scribble even more messy.

Scribbling in Scrawl'nMine is no different from scribbling in notepad, but for the concept of units. Three 'enter' keys pressed one after another creates a new unit. You can also right click anywhere and force a new unit from there. The utility of the software comes from the fact that the units are created almost with no effort during scribbling. The meta data, the users and the dates associated with the unit are automatically logged in without even the user being aware of it.

Thus, scrawl'nMine brings you the following benefits:

It defines a memo, a place to scribble in, instead of scribbling wherever you are.

You can even have multiple memos, each with its own name.

Scribbling is not more difficult or not even different from the usual scribbling

The find is immensely powerful

Concept of a unit, the ease with which they are created, automatic labeling of units, easy navigation to any of the units, options to handle a unit for printing, copying, merging, moving etc bring in order into your scribbles.

  • Scribble anything and find it too!
  • This is a digital scribbling pad whose data can be searched easily. 
  • Scribble with ease as usual while the smart concept of units helps you to find what you need.
  • Unit wise meta data of users & dates of creation/editing adds to the ease of find.
  • Option to merge units helps in reducing the muddle
  • Option to bring logically similar units closer physically too helps in clearing the clutter.
  • Unit as a handle to print, copy, move, position to etc are very handy.