Why DataBuoy?

Loss of computer data can lead to very disastrous consequences. The possible causes for data losses are many.

HDD failure, Virus related issues, Human errors, Sabotage, Thefts (of laptop, HDD, CPU etc) are almost certain events for all computer users. Unknowns are only the specific sequence in which they confound you and the timing of their occurrences.

DataBuoy prepares you for such eventualities. DataBuoy offers you inexpensive and practical remedies to reduce the risk of data loss, substantially, if not, protect you altogether.

What is DataBuoy?

It is a backup automation utility with an easy-to-use wizard for defining backup files and schedules usable by a layman.

Advanced features to define any number of destinations and any number of sources each with its own schedules.

Destinations can be on the same desktop, any where on LAN, NAS or removable media.

Log of backup process events

Alerts can be set up for failure events

One step restore in addition to flexible restore options.

Who needs DataBuoy?

All computer users stand to benefit from it. You save something on your computer because you need it later. And if you don't find it when you really want it later, you have a failure that can even have disastrous consequences. 

Individuals store photos, videos, documents, emails on their PC. Many times, you can't afford to lose them.

Email loss or application data loss can be perilous to most Organisations. Data loss can even result in premature death of organizations.

What do you need to buy?

You need to buy DataBuoy, the software utility that manages your backup. With just this purchase, you can reduce many types of risks. You can set up the backup on your own hard disk. If you have another computer in your network-LAN or WiFi, you can setup DataBuoy to backup data on this different computer as well to reduce your risks.

To minimize risks further, you need to have external Hard disks. Setup DataBuoy to create periodic backups on such media at regular intervals. You can remove the media after the backup and keep it in a safe place, even in a different location. On the next backup schedule date, DataBuoy will prompt you to connect the media, if it is not already connected.

The software is freely downloadable with a free 30-day trial run on installation. If you are satisfied with the trial run, you can buy the license.

Prefessional online support is always available. 

How to reduce the risk of data loss?

Backup of data taken at regular intervals in an easily recoverable form in the near proximity.

Backup of data at periodic intervals in a different location to take care of hazards like fire, theft, arson etc

Backup of data after critical stages in a different media stored in safe custody.

Data storage in cloud can reduce many types of risks even further.

Control and documentation of backup data is important. Uncontrolled proliferation of backup data is to be avoided as it could increase the risk of data pilferage and misuse.

Salient features of DataBuoy:

  • Automatic data backup as per any number of user created schedules
  • A simple wizard to setup the backup schedules
  • Advanced features to define any number of sources, destinations and schedules.
  • Schedule backups on the same system, any where on the LAN, external storages, NAS or even on Cloud-Drop Box
  • Warning prompt to load media for backup.
  • SMS/Email Alerts on failure

Any one can use it:

The backup wizard is so user friendly that even a typical home user can ensure that his data is automatically backed up at regular intervals. The wizard decides the default set of folders/files that need to be backed up. To ensure a better backup for you, the backup definition wizard categorises the user:

  • Home user
  • SOHO user
  • Business user

Accordingly the wizard decides on the default folders & files that need to be backed up. The wizard also permits you to add more folders and files to the backup definition.

The backup definition is editable any time you choose to. If you want multiple schedules

The definition also includes the destination for backup, the backup interval & alert settings. 

Experts can do more:

While ensuring that a person who can not make out a folder from a floppy can use the program to take backups of his essential data, it provides great options for an IT admin to capitalize on the great features of the software. They include defining multiple schedules with their individual backup types, backup destinations that can include even space on cloud and alert settings.