01Pundit..Digitization mantras, mantras you can really count on: 

  • 01Pundit is a collection of low priced utilities that most computer users will need:
    • Automatic data backup 
    • Fixed asset management
    • Contact management
    • Document digitization
    • Task manager
    • Cheque printing
    • Scribble and find
    • In/Out register
    • Visitors' management
    • Cash flow management
    • Memo pad-extend your clipboard
    • Appointments
    • Communication (Dial/SMS/Email-even bulk)
    • ALLaboutME

No one disputes that digitization helps organizations and even individuals. Many digitization programs are available today and are in use in large companies. Many of them are stand alone complex solutions and exclude many aspects of organizational activity. 01Pundit is a practical digitization solution for a Small/Medium enterprise or even an individual. It has several features that makes it an ideal and affordable integrated software solution for an SME

General Features:

  • Efficiency, perfection and control over your operations are the objectives of the software
  • Affordable as it is available at a fraction of the cost of competing single modules.
  • Maximal integration-reducing entry effort while simultaneously improving utility.
  • Integrates technologies-LAN, Cloud, Smartphone, SMS and email.
  • A comprehensive set of options, purchasable module-wise too. Some of these modules could be redundant as many organisations will have their main application handling them as well. Pay only for the modules that you need.
  • Uses appropriate technologies with a cloud interface where relevant, integrates your smart phone when applicable & networked, anyway.

Automatic data backup:

  • A simple wizard to setup the backup schedules
  • Advanced features to define any number of sources, destinations and schedules.
  • Schedule backups on the same system, any where on the LAN, external storages or even NAS
  • Warning prompt to load media for backup.
  • SMS/Email Alerts on failure

Fixed Asset management:

  • Track all your fixed assets, locations, their suppliers, service providers, users, AMC providers etc
  • Link documents & images to assets.
  • Print the fixed Asset Register (FAR)
  • Log asset transactions: service records, upgrades, disposals, re-locations or any other asset transaction

Contact management:

  • Data on all your contacts-suppliers, customers, service providers, other contacts can all be maintained and used every day with minimal effort:
  • Find people based on any element of the data
  • Send email/sms even to entire groups with minimal effort.
  • Send messages selecting them from among standard templates
  • Track festivals and important dates-birth days, anniversaries of all your contacts
  • Print envelopes, labels or even cheques to them
  • Link documents, tasks, in/out records, visitors log etc to them 
  • Instantly dial or schedule calls to your contacts
  • Never miss an opportunity to celebrate important festivals/occasions of all your associates.

Task management:

  • Be in control. File your to-do list as in a diary.
  • Link tasks to task type, contacts, employees etc.
  • Filter, view and monitor tasks-by employee, party, period, type etc.
  • Link task events-Success, delays, failures etc to other employees, leaving no room for failure

IN/OUT Register:

  • Digitize the in/out register.
  • Record all movements - couriers, supplies, cheques etc
  • Provision for easy search and find option
  • Print DC
  • Link option to contacts & task manager

Cash Flow management:

  • Be in control of your funds.
  • Ensure no cheque boounces.. Utilize idle funds
  • Any number of banks can be included.
  • See cash position for any subset of your accounts
  • Flexible enough to use the program for any period when you need it. No need to continuously monitor your cash when there is no need for it.

Digitise your documents:

  • Word, Excel documents, scanned images, emails in outlook etc can be linked up with keywords, contacts etc.
  • Find these documents instantly using any of its keywords or equivalents of keywords
  • Print them or email them to any of your contacts with minimal effort,
  • Log transactions on these documents or link tasks with the documents.
  • Avoid searching & removing original files for PAN cards, registration documents, Insurance documents etc.
  • Safeguard your original documents from misplacement & losses while using them effortlessly.

CHEQUE Printing:

  • Enhance your profile and improve your efficiency.
  • Present your cheques in style, without errors in names and spellings.
  • Automatic pickup of names from contacts and automatic conversion of amounts to words improve efficiency.
  • Print one cheque at a time or print a bulk of them together.
  • Search this Log of cheque transactions easily. View them in any order for an easy find.
  • Print an envelope with the party address for any cheque instantly and automatically
  • Print a payment advice note detailing the payment (if you enter that along with the cheque details) 


  • This option guarantees that you don’t miss out on opportunities to celebrate together with all your associates.
  • Track festivals and important dates like anniversaries and birth days of all your contacts.
  • Participate and enhance the joy of exceptional occasions.
  • Send emails or SMS to all the people celebrating a festival with a few mouse clicks.

Scribble and find it too:

  • Scribble anything and find it too!
  • This is a digital scribbling pad whose data can be searched easily. 
  • Scribble with ease as usual while the smart concept of units helps you to find what you need.
  • Unit wise meta data of users, dates of creation/editing adds to the ease of find.

Visitors Registry and Visit Manager:

  • Visitors register made smarter
  • App to log in all visits
  • App to handle the visit
  • Application to manage and analyse visits


  • Effectively a collection of clipboards
  • Store your important data like account numbers, registration numbers, user IDs etc in abbreviated easily remembered codes
  • Retrieve them with 2 to 3 key-presses.
  • Copy any such data to Windows clip board with 2 or 3 key presses.

It is a extended clipboard. You can store a collection of unrelated data like your a/c numbers of various services that you use, user ids of various accounts that you have, bank a/c numbers etc and give meaningful short names to each. The names that you use to store them can be mnemonics and can comprise of 1 or 2 letters. For example, the 16 digit HDFC credit card number can be stored under HC and be instantly retrieved into your clipboard by typing Shift/Ctrl/HC; HC standing for HDFC Credit card. This value is in the clipboard from then on and can be pasted anywhere using Ctrl V. The memo pad is a solution to the large number of user ids & account numbers that you are supposed to remember, as shown with HC as HC is easier to remember than the 16-digit credit card number.

Dial, SMS and Email:

  • Get email ids or mobile numbers with a few clicks.
  • Use messages for email or SMS from templates that you define by a simple selection
  • Send many emails/SMS with a single click
  • Send your regular emails with a few clicks with out typing anything each time. If you want to email your address, landmark and directions to reach your place, select the party to whom it is to be sent and the email-id will automatically get selected, select the appropriate template from the set of email templates stored earlier and click on send. The perfected message with your address, landmarks and directions to reach your place will save a lot of time for you as well as your contact.
  • If you buy a bulk sms pack, you could send an sms to any of your contacts with any of the messages from the collection of sms messages. The messages can be created and updated by you.


Transform a lead with a single value, a tel no or an email id, into a business relationship worth millions.

Use technology appropriately-bulk sms, bulk email, tele-calling to collect the entire data relevant to build your long standing relationship with the contact.


Data about yourself are maintained here. Data about firms, any number of them, can be stored and utilized effortlessly. You can email or SMS your address, landmark, bank details etc from this option. PAN no, TIN no etc can be part of this data.


You define your settings here. The formats for cheque printing can be defined from here. The configuration of SMS and email accounts, templates of email and sms messages can also be updated from here.

Access to the individual options of the software is restricted to users created from user administrator in Settings. Creation of new users and setting their access rights are done from this option.