Just-a-Minute SoftWatch - A free software to monitor just-a-minute events

Use Softwatch on your laptop to conduct just-a-minute events. (Just-a-Minute was a very popular and educative award winning BBC radio/TV comedy program).

With tick-tick sounds during running sessions and alarms on completion of topic duration of one minute, SoftWatch monitors your Just-a-minute event. With user friendly interfaces to record interruption, pause and resumption, Softwatch tracks all the transactions of Just-a-minute programs. The software maintains timings for each participant in the program with a transaction log and a summary view that can be exported to spreadsheet format.

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You can include Just-a-Minute as one of the events in your cultural festival. The event is especially useful for schools and other educational institutions. The program is interesting, educative and skill enhancing. You will have an audience that is very attentive too. To know more about it click below:

What is Just-A-Minute program? Click here to know more.

Typing SpeedOmeter - Practice typing & know your typing speed(WPM & CPM):

This freely downloadable program presents interesting topics to type. The program also evaluates your typing speed (Characters per minute(CPM) and Words per Minute (WPM)). Typing SpeedOmeter was created as an extension to TypingPundit, our Touch-typing Tutor software.

The text that it displays for practice is organised into categories and there are many topics within a category. By default the program randomly selects a category and a topic and presents the text for you to type. You have the option to change the category and select the topic within the category.

Normal typing practice software shows the same text repeatedly. Typing it again and again can be very boring. On the other hand, the choices that we give in TypingPundit, can make the typing practice sessions interesting and a learning experience from the content point of view too. The categories that we have included are Great men of all time, Great inventions, Folk stories, Quotations, Stories etc. You may even want to type just to read the stories or the other interesting articles.

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All our other software products are freely downloadable and usable with time limits on usage. You can activate the free version by paying for the registration.