Speed & Efficiency matter:

A lot of people spend a good part of their life typing and if they type faster, work gets done sooner and they get more time to do stuff they love to do. Unless you find typing an immensely pleasurable task, improving typing speed must be a priority.The earlier you learn it, the longer you stand to benefit from it.

Experts say “Touch typing is one of the most useful skills a child can learn - at any age from seven upwards”

Who needs to learn touch typing?

The question is best answered by another question and its answer!

Who doesn't need touch typing skills?

"Tarzan of the apes, his companion Cheetah the chimp and Mandrake the magician." An indisputable answer!

This answer gives a clue to the first question. A few explanations can help. 

Any literate person today gains from acquiring touch typing skills. Computer usage has become a must in all professions and occupations. The first and foremost computer skill that anyone must learn and learn first is touch typing skill. This is ideally learned before learning to use any other application on a computer. Learn touch typing before learning wordprocessing and spreadsheet.

From the computer usage point of view, there are three categories of people:

IT employees:

IT employees work on the computer throughout the working day. IT jobs include call center jobs, software jobs, computer service - system administrator jobs, back office jobs, accounting jobs, book keeping jobs etc. Touch typing skills result in a direct improvement in their productivity throughout their productive life. The enhanced efficiency in some of these categories is considerable.

Touch typing skill is a prerequisite for many of these jobs.

Other professionals:

Other professionals like teachers, lawyers, office assistants, accountants, engineers, designers, architects, doctors also need to work on computers. Speed in typing, a result of touch typing skills gained from TypingPundit adds to their efficiency and enhances their employ-ability. Other things being equal, any employer would prefer a prospect with typing skills over one who has no touch typing skills. 

Others (Students, retired people etc):

Students have to work on the computer for their projects, Speed in typing results in their outputs being faster and better. And any way they aren't preparing to become "Tarzan of the apes". 

Even retired people need to use a computer for communication and online transactions (being in touch, to do shopping, to reserve a bus, train or air ticket or even a movie ticket). Today, speed and efficiency rules! Faster the better!

What is the appropriate age for learning touch typing?

Touch typing is ideally learnt before you develop wrong typing habits.

When a child starts using all the keys of a keyboard, it is ideally done the right way-by touch typing. Typing must be learnt before a child learns word processing and other applications, Any delay in teaching the right method would result in the child developing wrong typing styles like hunt and peck and may resist learning to type the right way.

Why TypingPundit and not other typing tutors?

(TypingPundit vs other Typing tutors)

There are plenty of proven typing tutors. And TypingPundit scores over them in the following ways:

TypingPundit ensures learning:

The most differentiating factor about TypingPundit is that progress from one lesson to the next happens only when there is sufficient learning (speed & accuracy). This ensures that learning happens by the time all the lessons are completed. It also ensures that all the keys have been typed sufficient number of times. A learner can not randomly go to any lesson and learn that without learning and attaining sufficient skills in the preceding lessons. This feature is especially important to students.

TypingPundit performance log and log reports facilitate supervision:

TypingPundit maintains a log of lessons done and the performances in each lesson. This can be handy for a parent or a teacher to validate and guide.

TypingPundit reinforces learning in 5 different ways:

TypingPundit has used various techniques in the tutor. Reinforcement of learning as well as variety is provided to the learner with a key assembling exercise and three different types of exercises in each lesson

TypingPundit has incorporated a listen & Type exercise too. This assists in spelling & pronunciation improvements.

Integrated MINDGAMES help in many ways:

TypingPundit has incorporated a set of mind games into the learning process. Each lesson adds to the set of games that a learner can play and these games are useful for mental exercise and has great value to people with learning disabilities.

Differing versions for different learner segments:

There are 4 versions of typingPundit, each with its own fine tuned options.

  • Family version
  • School version
  • Institutional version
  • Corporate version

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