Monitor employee productivity projectwise

What does this software do?

  • Logs employee inputs on each project
  • Effort Inputs categorized under user defined stages, tasks or any other grouping within a project.
  • Enhances Employee accountability by ensuring hours worked is linked to projects' billable.
  • Boosts employee productivity
  • Provides inputs to Project costing and billing
  • Monitors employee productivity for incentives & promotions ensuring every employee is contributing.
  • The log gives inputs for billing ensuring that every effort is billed.

Maximal Automation:

  • Maximal automation
  • Option to export data to Excel
  • Many parameterised inputs for flexibility
  • Flexible outputs-Array of filters to limit your view
  • Multiple user select-able output views

Proven Software:

The software is in effective use in architects offices and in accounting firms for many years.

Customization can be provided to ensure that the software is just perfect for your project management.

Editable Formats for outputs:

Output formats are user editable. Outputs can also be exported to excel or any other spreadsheet format.

Powerful view options:

The software has very powerful view options. Filter the data by one of many parameters. User, Project, Stage, Task, period etc.

Very Powerful detailed & summary report options provided. A detailed list of effort log can be seen or exported to spread sheet format. The output can be sorted in one of many sequences to make better sense of the data and to improve data tracking.

A summary option gives you a user vise summary. Project wise summary is also possible for any period. Instead of project, you can view the summary by task, user, stage etc. In addition, you can see the summary project wise/user wise to get to know who all contributed to a project. You can also see the summary in a different perspective-User wise/ Project wise. This summary report is extremely powerful and flexible. 

Flexible yet secure:

Daily effort entry is permitted for any day; but only in chronological order. One can enter a week's data together; but only in date order. This prevents manipulation of data after the entries are made once.

Manage projects efficiently especially where employees are very expensive.

It is being used profitably by architects offices and accounting firms for many years.