eManager for ease, efficiency & excellence

Ease, efficiency & excellence leading to progress

And Schoolemanager is designed to ensure your progress through automation for operational comfort, efficiency & organisational excellence. 

Salient features:

  • Integrated yet practical & flexible!
  • Desktop modules covering all aspects of the school.
  • Simple, easy-to-use internet update and access mechanisms.
  • Modules for operations, institution management, academic management and even academics.
  • Comprehensive options-Examples,
    • SMS recipients can choose the language of choice in which the SMS is to be received
    • Fee types, fee amounts and schedules are user definable
    • Most formats like ID card, marks card, TC, bonafide certificate, Student reports etc are user definable & editable
    • Most outputs can be exported to excel
    • Many initial data can be taken from Excel
    • Auto backup on multiple destinations
    • Powerful query option can locate a student even by the parent's mobile number or combinations of data of joining, caste, religion etc
    • Context sensitive help on F1

Student Module:

  • Photo thro' webcam
  • ID card Printing
  • Attendance inputs & outputs
  • Bonafide certificates
  • Transfer Certificates
  • Student day-to-day transaction logs

Parent data:

  • Address/Locality data
  • Household profile-Income, educational & professional status of family members
  • Contact data
  • Religion/Caste data
  • Bulk SMS/Email options
  • Web access to parents on school events, child's data, library data etc


  • Define any type of fees
  • Define any schedule for fees
  • Print fee receipts
  • Print Fee Certificates
  • Print Fee reporting
  • Dues and Overdue tracking
  • SMS alerts

SMS in multiple languages:

  • Filter students using a wide array of fields
  • Select SMS from a collection of templates. Edit it before sending
  • Send the SMS and the recipients receive the SMS in their chosen language (defined in the family members data)
  • SMS sent data is logged.

Bus routes and Bus fees:

  • Define routes and pick-up points
  • Link students to routes and pickup points
  • Define bus fees by pick-up point

Evaluation & Reporting:

  • Define exam types and exam events
  • Print Report cards
  • CCE (CBSE) compatible evaluation and reporting options
  • User definable/Editable Report cards
  • Web update of marks


  • Library data base maintenance
  • Library transactions-Issues & Returns
  • Overdue books
  • Library data on web for book selection by parents

Finance & Accounts:

  • Fee receipts automatically posted to accounts
  • Voucher entry options for expenses and other financial transactions
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Financial statements-Trial balance, Income-Expense statement, Balance sheet etc

Fixed asset tracking:

  • Asset data maintenance
  • Asset transaction logging
  • Asset reporting

Document digitization:

  • Document storage options
  • Retrieval options
  • Print/Email options
  • Access control restrictions

Teacher data:

  • Professional data
  • Contact data
  • Professional progress tracking
  • Salary computations
  • Events log to assist in evaluations

Question Bank:

  • Over a dozen question types
  • Prepare question paper from any selected set of units using selected types of questions
  • Prepare Objective type question paper
  • Conduct online tests using objective type questions
  • Automatic evaluations and results analysis of online tests to guide students' learning focus