The MD's WiseCat

The MD's WiseCat is an ERP solution created for SMEs by BangaloreComputers.Com

The MD's WiseCat automates your business as you do it in India. It empowers you to track your inquiries, generate quotations, process orders, generate invoices, track orders, analyse sales and manage finances in addition to processing employee data, fixed asset data and digitizing documents.

Created over 20 years ago for wholesale traders, The MD's Wisecat now hase versions specific for wholesalers, retailers & service providers in addition to altogether different ERP solutions for Schools and hospitals. Of course, the software has evolved over time into an RDBMS based one with cloud & smart phone interfaces to utilize latest technology appropriately.

Highlights of our system include:

Customised Invoicing for different segments

Independently definable account heads

User definable tax types and linkages to account heads

Automatic import from mobile receipts & payments

Most practical bank reconciliation statement.


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  • Enquiry Management

    All the pending enquiries are visible in a diary till they are converted or cancelled. A great many filters-by product class, salesman, period, account holder etc enable you track your enquiries efficiently. The ease with which you can make a quotation and do the follow-up makes the MD's wisecat a great asset for your business.

    Automatic conversions from enquiry to quotation to order to invoice helps improve efficiency and above all in reducing errors. You can revise your quotations and keep track of the revisions too. Quote formats are user editable and you can even opt to have multiple formats and select the appropriate one for the product/party/scheme etc.

    Instant calls, emails & SMS using editable templates, where appropriate, help improve productivity and quality of sales processes. The interactions are logged automatically and the logs are useful inputs during the sales process.

  • Order Processing

    The purchase order wizard ensures that ordering for your supplies are easy, efficient and well informed. Minimal investment on stock while ensuring optimal stock availability and automation of the ordering process are the main objectives of the purchase order wizard.

    Sales order processing empowers you to track your orders to ensure that you are the most efficient in meeting the demands of the market with due consideration of the stock that is available at any point of time.

    The sales effort and ordering process are aided further by using the latest technology by appropriate cloud interfaces and android apps to make the sales men take informed and smart decisions on the field. The app also automates the ordering process ensuring that the order information reaches the office immediately resulting in faster turnaround tine. The orders are automatically converted to invoices thereby improving overall efficiency reducing scope for errors.

    Salesmen can carry the latest data on customers and items to be able to service the customer to the best extend possible. A well informed salesman is far more effective and visit reports enable you to be in control of the field effort. 

  • Invoicing

    The MD's WiseCat has many invoicing modules, each one catering to a class of business. The invoicing module for a retailer ensures fast customer turnaround while the invoicing module for the distributor is comprehensive enough to collect all the necessary data. The invoicing for a service centre accumulates all the transactions for whatever period before an invoice is generated.

    Selection of items from orders received ensures better automation. Customisable discounts by party/product line enables you to give individual attention to each customer. Outstanding limits and credit periods can be pre-programmed for each party. Previous rates given to the party for the item you are billing now is visible while billing.

  • Inventory Control

    Sales Inventory Control considers all types of transactions:

    • Sales Invoices
    • Purchase bills
    • Sales returns
    • Purchase returns
    • Delivery challans

    Maintain multiple stocks by firm, branch & godown. You can also have batchwise stock.

  • Financial Accounting

    The MD's WiseCat empowers you to complete the post-sales activities with an integrated accounts management system.

    Select your bills while receiving or paying. Automatically generate narrations. Remember cheque numbers issued. Enter, print, account and maintain post dated cheques-issued or received. Maintains a cheque diary of post dated cheques-both issued and received.

  • Accounts Receivables

    The MD's wisecat gives you many reports to control your receivables. A number of reports-ageing analysis, sales man wise ourtstandings, reminder letters etc. help you manage your debtors.

    Customisable credit periods and credit limits empower you to manage the receivables and reduce risk.

  • Warranty & Service management

    Track all your service calls to stay on top of your business. Maximise customer satisfaction while ensuring efficient handling of service engineers. Assign calls to service engineers, track their productivity, track history of service issues of various products.. only with MDs wisecat.

    Pending calls can be monitored with all the options and filters that you will ever require.

  • Reports and Analysis

    The MD's WiseCat helps you to analyze sales & monitor collections by reports and analysis.

    Analyse your sales or gross margin by salesman, product line, territory or combinations of these for any selected sets of periods. Understand sales trends, collection/outstanding trends,

  • Product customization

    Drag-and-drop tools for customizing The MD's WiseCat as per your business needs. Competent staff to further customise your software.

    Invoice formats are definable & refinable by you. So are many other documents like Delivery challans, quotations like delivery challans and quotations generated by the MD's wisecat.

    We understand that no two businesses are the same. We also acknowledge that businesses are growing and evolving. To cater to your changing needs, we have a team of software engineers competent to extend the features of the MD's wisecat for a more apt fit to your business needs.

  • Customer Support

    The software is built on a stable RDBMS. Autobackup at user programmable intervals will ensure increased reliability. Menu based recovery from backup data lets you restore from any of the previous states of your data. Just in case, you still need our expert care, connect your system on to the net using any broadband service and our experts will attend remotely to your problem.

    MySQL is the world's most popular open source database and the MD's wisecat is built with MySQL data base. This ensures low cost deployment while ensuring performance, stability and scalability.

    We do not collect a good part of our software charges until the package is up and running for you. This is a reflection on our confidence in our product, our commitment to service you till you are up and running, our commitment to our customers and our motto-our customers should be winners always.