Enquiry Management

All the pending enquiries are visible in a diary till they are converted or cancelled. A great many filters-by product class, salesman, period, account holder etc enable you track your enquiries efficiently. The ease with which you can make a quotation and do the follow-up makes the MD's wisecat a great asset for your business.

Automatic conversions from enquiry to quotation to order to invoice helps improve efficiency and above all in reducing errors. You can revise your quotations and keep track of the revisions too. Quote formats are user editable and you can even opt to have multiple formats and select the appropriate one for the product/party/scheme etc.

Instant calls, emails & SMS using editable templates, where appropriate, help improve productivity and quality of sales processes. The interactions are logged automatically and the logs are useful inputs during the sales process.

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  • Enter and manage all sales enquiries
  • Assign each enquiry to the agent accountable for it.
  • Document all actions that take place on the lead.
  • Track enquiries by sales stage.
  • Progressively register all events that happen to the lead
  • Generate quotations and proforma invoices from the system.
  • Filter leads appropriately to be in control, ensuring that there is no loss of business because of inadequate information
  • Enquiry reports by status of lead, salesman, product line, product, party etc.
  • Analysis of
  • Process enquiries in an organised manner.
  • Generate quotations for any selected set of items from the enquiry data
  • Multiple templates to speed up quotation process.
  • Track outstanding sales quotes from your prospect Accounts
  • Select different prices for the same product as per your customer segmentation
  • Create printer-friendly sales quotes and send to the prospects using inbuilt email option
  • Document and track all negotiations till closure
  • Refine and track sales quotes as per the requirements of the situation.
  • Convert quotations to orders.. orders to invoices