Order Processing

The purchase order wizard ensures that ordering for your supplies are easy, efficient and well informed. Minimal investment on stock while ensuring optimal stock availability and automation of the ordering process are the main objectives of the purchase order wizard.

Sales order processing empowers you to track your orders to ensure that you are the most efficient in meeting the demands of the market with due consideration of the stock that is available at any point of time.

The sales effort and ordering process are aided further by using the latest technology by appropriate cloud interfaces and android apps to make the sales men take informed and smart decisions on the field. The app also automates the ordering process ensuring that the order information reaches the office immediately resulting in faster turnaround tine. The orders are automatically converted to invoices thereby improving overall efficiency reducing scope for errors.

Salesmen can carry the latest data on customers and items to be able to service the customer to the best extend possible. A well informed salesman is far more effective and visit reports enable you to be in control of the field effort. 

Make informed purchase decisions.

Purchase order wizard of The MD's wisecat empowers you to make intelligent purchase order decisions. Purchase Orders are a crucial part of inventory control. An ordering process that is supported by adequate handy information can be a boon for your cash flow. A smart automated PO system can make all the difference to an effective inventory control. And The MD's Wisecat PO wizard is a smart solution.

The purchase order wizard shows a variety of relevant summary data for each item for you take an informed ordering decision. The data shown include:

  • Current stock
  • Sales for any selected period.
  • Average sale per mth considering the past 'n' months
  • Total enquiries on hand
  • Orders on hand
  • Pending purchase orders
  • Purchases during the selected period
  • Default supplier for the item and the list of suppliers for it.
  • Re-order level

These values have default periods that can be individually edited too. 

Seeing these values, you can select the quantity to be ordered and select the supplier too. 

Filters by supplier, Product line, rack & even product help you to efficiently manage the ordering process.


Integrated ordering system:

Enquiry is linked to quotations. A quotation can be converted to an order and an order can be automatically added to your invoice. 
Wisecat comes with a friendly app on your android smart phone to facilitate order taking. The app can show customer details, send an instant canned sms, confirm customer accounts and take in orders. Orders received can be instantly sent to the office to complete the transaction with appropriate billing and despatch.
Orders that you receive can be tracked in the MD's Wisecat software. The pending items in all previous orders can subsequently be selected during invoicing. The orders can be executed partially too.
The MD's Wisecat is a complete business software package automating all aspects of your business. The application software can be customized further to suit your specific requirements too.
You can see the status of orders in many of the reports provided.
A variety of reports helps you understand your order status. Pending orders, stock movement, list of non-moving items etc through a variety of filters makes it easy to remain in control.