Digitization of Clubs, Associations & Societies

New Memberships, Renewals, Fees, Meetings, Events to Elections:

Societies and clubs with its globally (often-times at least) scattered memberships, very long-term relationships, possibly highly infrequent interactions, minimal but varied transactions with continual needs for assured and documented communication are ideally administered using the web. BangaloreComputers.Com has addressed this need with computerisation using a web based software to address this segment. The features include:

Smart software handling New Memberships with its eligibility issues, documentation needs, membership types, fees and procedures.

Friendly web based solution for Routine Membership maintenance with its ability to handle change of status-member type, contact details and renewals with relevant fees

Flexible internet based options taking care of Elections at different levels covering election declaration and communication, eligibility, nomination rules, validations, election process and result declarations.

Special Events like meetings and conferences have their own rules, registration procedures, fees and communication needs

Events like awards also need a lot of messaging, procedures, messaging and communication ideally handled online.


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