Success ensues from your relationships


  • Customers, suppliers, service providers, employees, bankers & other contacts...
  • Connect with them all appropriately & you will prosper.
  • All'nSundry enables that connectivity.

All'nSundry Contact Management In a Nutshell:

  • Save all contact data, data that includes any number of members within an organization.

  • The interface ensures friendly usage of the data.

  • Record important festivals and occasions for shared celebrations-Diwali, Id, Christmas, Anniversaries, birthdays...

  • Log, comment or record relevant communications to ensure continuity

  • Latest technology integrated for communication-SMS, email, smartphone as appropriate.

  • Use technology-bulk mail, bulk sms, automatic messaging to improve efficiency.

  • Templates for messages & emails lead towards perfection & better efficiency.

  • Powerful Search & Find ensures that you are never lost

  • Print envelopes, labels or even cheques to them

  • Link documents, tasks, in/out records, visitors log etc to them 

  • Instantly dial or schedule calls to your contacts

  • Integration to the extend possible. Links with other modules of 01Pundit-In'nOut, ClearCheque, AssetMax, TaskMaster...