Dial, SMS and Email:

Internet has changed the way we communicate. Smart phone has revolutionized it further. JiffyComm combines the power of both by integrating them. Database, internet, email, smartphone, smartphone apps, wi-fi, whatsapp are integrated appropriately in JiffyComm.

  • Get email ids and mobile numbers from your contacts with a click or two.
  • Schedule calls so that your smart phone will automatically call the numbers as per your schedule.
  • Send messages for email or SMS from templates by a simple selection
  • Send multiple emails/SMS with minimal effort
  • Send your routine emails or SMS with a few clicks with out typing anything each time.
  • If you buy a bulk sms pack, you could send an sms to any of your contacts with any of the messages from the collection of sms messages. The messages can be created and updated by you.

If you want to email your address, landmark and directions to reach your place, select the party to whom it is to be sent and the email-id will automatically get selected, select the appropriate template from the set of email templates stored earlier and click on send. This process of sending the perfected message with your details will save a lot of time for you as well as your contact.