Why ClearCheque?

  • Enhance your profile and improve your efficiency with the Perfect cheques printed on your computer.
  • Avoid cheque bounces that can cause a lot of embarrassment to you and damage to your partners
  • Avoid mistakes: Mismatch between figures and words, cheques without dates, cheques without party names
  • Avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes in names of parties and amounts in words.
  • Automatic pickup of names from contacts and automatic conversion of amounts to words improve efficiency.
  • Print one cheque at a time or print a batch of them together.
  • Search your Log of cheque transactions easily. View them in any order for easy tracking.
  • Print an envelope with the party address for any cheque instantly.
  • Print a payment advice note detailing the payment (if you enter that along with the cheque details)

ClearCheque-Cheque printing automation at its simplest:

Maximal Automation:

Some of the automation that ClearCheque provides:

  • Select the party from existing set of parties
  • Derive the next cheque number automatically
  • Derive the amount in words from the amount in figures that you enter
  • SMS/Email auto generated on cheque printing
  • And data import/export options

Data import option from Excel:

If you have your list of parties to whom you print your cheques, you can import them into ClearCheque. The data includes name (as printed in the cheque), Mobile number(For SMS) and email id(For email alert)

The cheque data can also be imported. If you are using an application to manage your payables, generate and export the payables for a period using the application, that data can be provided as input to ClearCheque, obviating the need to re-enter the data. Of course, you can edit the data after importing to complete any missing values.

Editable Formats for all banks:

Cheque formats for most banks are included in the installation. If you have a bank whose format is not part of the installation, you can add that yourself.

You can use an existing cheque format as a template, tune it to match the new bank and save it as the new bank's cheque format.

Also, you can edit any existing format to tune it further to perfection. We have provided an option to test print on your cheques with a dot (.) or any other character of your choice (instead of names and other values) to perfect your alignments without wasting cheque leaves.

Depending on the bank that you select for your cheque, the format is automatically selected during printing.

Automatic updation of cheque numbers:

You enter the cheque data for a particular party selecting the bank and entering the cheque number and amount. When you enter the next cheque, once you select the bank, its cheque number will appear automatically as the next number. Of course this can be edited to any other number. The next cheque that you enter will generate the following number automatically.

If you have three banks, the system maintains correct cheque numbers for all the three.

Multiple banks simultaneously:

You may have more than a bank account and cheques can be issued and printed on any of those banks. When you enter a cheque, you need to select the bank and its first cheque number. The next cheque that you enter in the same bank will automatically generate the next cheque number.

Powerful view options:

ClearCheque view has very powerful view options. Filter the data by bank, party, period, amount etc and sort the data by cheque number, party, amount, print date. cheque date etc to study the data any way you chose.

SMS/Email alerts to parties as options:

When a cheque is printed, it will automatically send an sms and/or email to the party. The SMS/Email option can be set for the party. Thus some parties can have email alert, some can have SMS alert, some can have both while others need not have any alert. This party property can be overridden while cheque is being printed.

The contents for email/SMS can be created and edited by you.

Log maintained:

The system maintains a log of the cheques that you have printed. You can view them to track your payments. The view has Sort options to zero in onto any old record in seconds. The data can also be exported to spreadsheet format.