Wisecat Edge

An ERP software with maximal integration brings traditionally unavailable modules like asset management, document digitization, Smart phone integration, SMS modules into the working systems of the SME. An affordable ERP for any SME, the MD's Wisecat leaves out nothing from your automation needs.

The MD's Wisecat comes from the developers of TypingPundit, a touch-typing tutor with built-in mind games (with versions for family, schools, colleges, commercial institutions and corporate organizations)

Our other products include SchoolEmanager, an ERP for schools and educational institutions, WiseCare, a hospital management software in addition to other stand alone modules for Payroll and HR and 01Pundit, a set of programs meant to digitize your office. 01Pundit includes an automatic data backup solution, document digitization, a cheque printing utility, contact manager, communication manager, task management, fixed asset management with appropriate cloud and smart phone linkages. The modules are integrated and yet flexible.


Integration at its best

Traditionally computer programs for small organisations would focus only on certain tasks like accounting, inventory control or payroll accounting. They do not integrate all aspects of the business into one integrated solution. Even small organisations need to be efficient to survive and prosper. Efficiency requires control over all aspects of your business. The MD's wisecat is an ERP solution that facilitates efficiency in your organization.The MD's Wisecat is a total integrated solution for an SME. It integrates enquiry handling, quotations, order processing, invoicing and inventory management, financial accounting, account's receivables & payables, sales analysis, service management, fixed asset management, document digitization, Contact management and sales analysis into one comprehensive integrated solution. 

Lack of integration causes inefficiency. Inefficiency results in failures that disrupt even everyday processes resulting in losses and even frictions among different entities of the system. A vehicle needs to have all its sub-systems working in tandem. A well maintained engine alone does not suffice for a smooth ride. And The MD's Wisecat is a truly integrated business solution for any SME.

Extent of integration:

The following features indicate the extent of integration in MD's Wisecat:

A post dated cheque printed against a purchase bill to a supplier generates an SMS/Email to the default mail-id/mobile number of the supplier

Salesmen can have the stock & accounts data downloaded to their smart phones while visiting clients to facilitate order taking.

Orders received on the field can be uploaded for immediate billing and despatch.

Right click on a selected party & click on dial to dial on your smart phone to the default number of the party

Failure of a pre-programmed backup activity generates sms/email alert to relevant people.