Vision - Wisecat

The MD's Wisecat ensures accuracy and efficiency in your business practices in all the tasks that an intelligent machine can perform. The MD's Wisecat frees you from all such routine tasks. You get time to focus on your business. The information that the MD's wisecat provides can enhance your vision of your business. With the enhanced visibility and more free time, you are empowered enough even to change the vision of your business.

Even a one-man enterprise stands to benefit tremendously from this business software solution. The fully integrated software solution ensures that as the commander-in-chief of the one-man army that you are, you get your work done with accuracy and efficiency and you are in control over every aspect of your business. Without any knowledge of accounts, you will be able to do your accounting thanks to the design of MD's Wisecat. Without any knowledge and awareness of tax rules, you will be able to do your tax calculations and tax related documentations. You know you are efficient and hence you are in business and the MD's Wisecat is the best business partner that you can dream of. All the business information that you need, all summary information as well as exceptions are available at the by-now proverbial click of a button. And any of the details can be fetched any time you need them too.

Save on Salary month after month:

Not only will your staff be more productive with our software, but you will also be able to get your work done with staff who may not be professionals in any domain. Just about anyone can do accounts, invoicing and inventory control if you engage the MD's wisecat as your business partner. The net effect is that you are more in control and your dependence on others becomes less.

  • It is easier to get less skilled staff.
  • Your salary expense can be less and your staff can be better motivated if you share some of your gains with them
  • Leave, absence or temporary non-availability of staff will have minimal effect on your business as anyone can do any task with our software.