Comprehensive features with Maximal Integration:

Integration of all elements of business ensures maximal outputs with minimal inputs. Small organisations (especially owner managed ones) will find this especially useful as the knowledgeable person gets the work done in the most efficient manner.

User friendly interface-an interface as natural to the situation as possible.

Automation at its best-Automate whatever can be automated, integrate as much as possible; all without any loss of flexibililty. And ensure smoothness of operations whatever be the conditions. Exceptions are always provided for.

Data Parameterised wherever possible to ensure flexibility.

Options present where and when you need it.

Ease of use:

Some of the factors that contribute to its ease of use:

  • Context sensitive help (Press F1 in the option that you need elaboration and appropriate guidance pops out)
  • user definable output formats (Output print formats are user editable; Multiple named formats can be saved;Output grids columns are user editable; Output grids can be sorted on any column title)
  • comprehensive filters