Our customers include Whole sale distributors, retailers, service providers, schools, hospitals, financiers, etc.

We have a satisfied set of users gaining immensely from the software for over 15 years.

They include:
Anand Distributors-a whole sale automobile spare parts distributor, Bangalore
Aspa Auto parts P ltd - A manufacturer of automobile spares especially into lamps, Bangalore
Noble Automotives P ltd - a whole sale automobile spare parts distributor, Bangalore
Soumya Automobiles - a whole sale automobile spare parts distributor, Bangalore

Balaji Automobiles-a whole sale automobile spare parts distributor, Bangalore
St. Mary's Hospital, A 100-bed hospital at Mysore
Carmel school Waddhamna - A private CBSE school at Nagpur
Carmel school Waroda - A private CBSE school at Nagpur

Christ School - A private ICSE School in Bhopal

Spotlight: Customer Stories:

St. Mary's Hospital, HD Kote

The Sisters of St. Mary's Hospital requested for a hospital automation in March 2012. They wanted automation from April 2012. They had some patient data in MS word. There was hardly anyone with computer skills, even keyboard skills were lacking in the people who were to operate the computers. We committed to deliver in first week of April 2012.

After a system study, the  hardware requirements were intimated to them. They promptly procured the hardware - PCs, LAN, printers and even the bar code printer and installed the LAN by the middle of March 2012. Their data in MS word was collected by us, the necessary customization was made to the interface for front office interaction and billing. The data was converted into our MYSQL database and necessary data elements that were missing in the MS word data was entered in by their staff. Errors in data were rectified. The users were trained by 31st of March 2012. The computerised system was working on April 1, 2012. A few teething problems were resolved in another two days. The Hospital system was automated and the system required hardly any further support from us.

Our capabilities that gave us confidence to commit include:
Our long years of experience in software design and implementation
The confidence in the generalized program that our existing customers were using
The design and structure of our existing system
  • Parameterised structure of variable data
  • Modular build of the system
  • Total control over the system
  • Many other features of the system including auto-backup feature, comprehensive set of modules for automation of all aspects of hospital activity including billing module, finance module, inventory module, asset management, contact management, document management etc.
  • Our experience in design of a user friendly, natural and smarter interface.

The hospital system works without a flaw; Users who have never been trained on computers run the system.We are proud of our achievement. The hospital has a shorter queue at the counter, no more manual book keeping, no registers are maintained. The hospital had a real need for an automated system. they worked for it and we were successful in supporting them and getting the entire system implemented at minimal cost to the hospital.